Solomon, Marian University

I am Solomon Silong, a student at Marian University. My summer is wonderful. I am pursuing a degree in Computer Science. I have great ambitions to share my computer science knowledge to create an innovative application that works with agriculture, improve innovation and technology and improve information sharing in my home country. I would like thank you for your hand in serving as a coach,educating me on the visa application process,sharing with me knowledge about scholarship and requirements and  also acting as a role model showing me how to  start a non profit organization which follows the most precise and suitable manner that is applicable for conducting official matters. I am a complete beneficiary as a result of being part of GOG children's project and working with David Cheromei. I remember training at 5 am in the dark, training and running together with my coach is an experience I enjoyed only with Cheromei. He would run and keep up with us, then go back for the ones left behind and push them to attain their limits. Coach Cheromei as we would call him is a man of integrity,he is a God-fearing man and walks in the light both as a leader and a Christian. He is strict and follows an organized protocol. For Cheromei work means work. I remember him calling out on a group of athletes who would not be consistent with the program. He was very annoyed as they had skipped the workout and would make a final warning followed by a decisive move. With that being said, he was also dedicated, and not biased to anyone. I am thankful and am glad to have met and worked with Coach Cheromei and I look up to him for he is a big mentor to me. 

Dennise, Cloud County

thanks, coach hello to you am doing good, thanks for your training program you did back to me and helping me to get scholarship school that gave me a chance to be here. thanks for visa process you did to me ....your training and that help contribute a lot to us as upcoming student Athletes..now I am representing cloudy county community college.. thanks for being there to mentor USA d ensuring that we are well.

Jacky, elite athlete

David Cheromei has been a great help for me and my fellow athletes whose dream was to compete outside the country and he made it possible for us.

He organized Visa booking and interview and all travel documents and we were able to get Visa. He is a knowledgeable and resourceful man who loves extending his hand in times of need and those around him.

Above all, he is a God fearing man who doesn’t take bribes to help someone but he helps wholeheartedly! With nothing in return.

He is a good coach, his program is unquestionable, he has a good training plan and program.

God bless David Cheromei and his partners who work together to make our dream come true!

Oscar, Oklahoma City University( 2019 NAIA steeplechase champion)

Coach David Cheromei. Thank you. Id' have not been this today


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