Scouting  & Placing Top student-athletes

RISA NETWORK is a full-service Recruitment Agency with a unique approach. We are working closely with the Kenyans coaches to meet the demands services. We do have various verified and equipped coaches to assist with training and making sure that the student-athletes are progressing well towards their goals. More information coming soon. Please contact us if you are a Kenyan coach interested in joining our Risa Kenyan Verified coaches. We would like to recruit coaches with integrity. We understand that the current international recruiting process, however, is complex and inefficient. While every coach’s desire is to recruit the right international student-athletes for their program, many have encountered dishonesty, misinformation or corruption which has led to great frustration, disappointment, and distrust in recruiting internationally. RISA’s vision to make the international recruiting process more efficient, productive, and trustworthy. Recruiting honesty coaches are one of high priority at RISA. 


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