Identify and Verify Student athletes (Complete package)

  • Identifying international prospect student-athletes

  • Verifying running times by organizing regular workouts and keeping track 

  • Verifying academics as needed

Annual fees are structured based on various divisions as follows

Division I Colleges: 

Division IIColleges: 

NAIA Colleges:

NJCAA-Junior Colleges



Equipping student-athletes:

  • Providing International student-athlete with all needed  information and paperwork in regards to preparation, visas and everything else to enable a smooth recruiting process from the start to the end

  • Adjusting athletes training to suit the demands of the college training structure

  • Helping international student-athlete in visas appointments preparation to help build athlete confidence during the interview and also make he/she has everything needed


Network and coaches support: 

  • Organizing face to face integration with coaches. Hosting coaches where needed

  • Support coaches in dealing with some challenges having international student-athletes in their programs

  • Linking International student-athletes with other International student-athletes who have graduated or benefited from such programs for mentoring

  • Providing International student-athletes with academic prep, TOEFL, SAT/ACT prep and 


Other services: (fees may vary depending on requested additional services)

  • Hosting and arranging for local transportation during the international recruiting trip(Kenya)

  • As requested by the coach. Coach! Have you received an e-mail from an international prospective student-athlete and you are not sure about times and such? Risa will be there for you. Risa will save you time and money by being there for you whenever you need.

Coaches! We can be of great help. Thanking you for choosing RISA to find, qualify, and deliver the international student-athletes you need. The success of your program is very important to us. Feel free to browse our website, or choose to receive emails as soon as we locate new prospects. Please contact us today through e-mail and we will e-mail a complete affordable pricing. 


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