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Most college coaches are increasingly focusing their energy on recruiting international student-athletes to meet their coach’s team mission and vision. Coaches are not only looking for top international student-athletes; they are also looking for promising athletes they can integrate into their team. Additionally, they are looking for student-athletes with a strong character who will value their education and who will remain eligible throughout their college years. 


The current international recruiting process, however, is complex and inefficient. While every coach’s desire is to recruit the right international student-athletes for their program, many have encountered dishonesty, misinformation or corruption which has led to great frustration, disappointment, and distrust in recruiting internationally. 


RISA’s vision is to make the international recruiting process more efficient, productive, and trustworthy. As RISA’s founder, David Cheromei, is very committed to using his personal experience as a Kenyan/American to help both coaches and international student-athletes in the recruiting process. He competed as an international student-athlete from Kenya, earned his undergraduate and Master’s degree in the United States, and twice coached at the university level in the United States. As a current resident of Kenya, he is committed to creating a network dedicated to providing quality and trustworthy services for both college coaches and international student-athletes. The founder and his team will be working from the ground (Kenya) to enable services to be more efficient and be available to prospective student-athletes. After launching, RISA will begin with Kenyan student-athletes with the aim of expanding its services to other international student-athletes from neighboring countries and beyond. 


RISA’s IVEN approach creates a successful platform where college coaches have the peace of mind to recruit the best international student-athletes for their program by identifying, verifying, equipping, and networking prospective student-athletes to compete at the highest level. 

We Mean Business


At Recruit International Student-Athletes, we IVEN for our coaches and athletes; this means that we:






RISA identifies talented international student-athletes by:

  • Providing coaches with verified international students who are willing to do the work in helping their team excel

  • Identify and support student-athletes at a young age in Kenya to help them make a decision about running in college


RISA equips international student-athletes by:


  • Educating student-athletes on the importance of time management (to be on time, deadlines etc.) which is the biggest challenge that most international student-athletes face when they join American colleges.

  • Educating athletes about college expectations and the pros and cons of each division

  • Educating athletes on what to expect and what is expected of him/her

  • Educating athletes about scholarships packages and the rules. RISA will not discuss about the specific college financial aids but help in making sure the international athlete is aware of the awarded aid or scholarships packages

  • Educating athletes about coach’s performance expectations

  • Adjusting athletes’ training to suit the future demands of the college training structure

  • Helping athletes in visa appointment preparation to help build the athlete’s confidence during the interview and also making sure he/she has everything needed

  • Educating the athletes about various rules (NCAA, NAIA, NJAA etc.)

  • Providing international student athletes with academic prep, TOEFL, SAT/ACT prep 

  • Educating athletes on where to find healthy foods and warning them of the effects of junk food on their athletic performance

  • Educating athletes on how to deal with homesickness


RISA network with college coaches and international student-athletes by:

  • Supporting coaches in matters pertaining to challenges having international student-athletes in their programs. RISA acts as a mediator when difficulties arise between international student athletes due to cultural shocks and expectations

  • Linking International student-athletes with other international student athletes who have graduated or benefited from such programs through athletics scholarship in the past


RISA verifies international student-athlete's performances and academics which includes:

  • Verifying running times by organizing regular workouts and keeping track of weekly training logs

  • Verifying academics, as needed

  • Making sure that international student-athletes have all the required paperwork for admission

  • Scouting a specific athlete for a one-time fee (initiated by coach)

RISA will equips college coaches by:

  • Organizing integration with coaches for recruitment purposes

  • Educating college coaches about the need for helping international athletes deal with culture shock and other adjustments that international student-athletes face in colleges

  • Educating coaches about the expectations of international student-athlete’s families which include the expectation of the athletes to send money back home. This means that coaches may help international-student athletes obtain campus jobs and all the requirements needed to work on campus including a social security number.


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