RISA offers personal expertise with a wide network of coaches to contact, contacts of coaches. Also, with the international student-athletes admissions process and the environment of American colleges, as well as an abundance of successful international student-athletes who we have helped get to America.

International student-athletes and their families can spend countless hours scouring the internet and seeking advice from corrupt middlemen on how to get recruited.  With the lack of enough funds, it's tough to do the research and piece it all together. To save international students and their family’s time, money and energy, we’ve created the RISA network to help with make recruiting a smooth process. Here, we’ve laid out all the steps international student-athletes need to take to successfully navigate the recruiting process.


International Student Requirements and Suggested Schedule

For June Arrival (Fall Semester)

1. Immediately:         

Email RISA( a copy of F1, F2, F3 grades (Transcript). Make sure you don’t have any High School Fees balances. The school will hold your High School Certificate until you pay all your school fees. Apply for Passportif you don’t have one(10,000KSH-All paperwork and fees), make sure its valid 6 months after your graduation


2. Before December: 

Sign up for SAT Test. 

Registration Cost: 10,000 KSH

SAT Tuition Fee: 5000 KSH


3. December 15 to January 23:                   

Study for SAT test                  

Practice test site



4. Before end January:                     

Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center  

Cost: 12,000 KSH     

 1. Official Transcript (F1, F2, F3, and F4 results) and KCSE Certificate to NCAA NCAA eligibility center (4000Ksh-DHL fee, NKEC-400Ksh):8000 KSH

2. Request that KCSE Certificate and Transcript be sent to College (Liberty University) if needed: 4000KSH


5. January 23 or as posted:             

Take SAT Test – Eldoret Polytechnic and other provided sites           

Be sure to list NCAA eligibility center (code 9999) and Liberty Univ. (       ) as places to receive the scores when registering for the test.


6. February:   

Complete application to _____________________ University/College 

Scan your Passport, the page with your picture and sent to University/College  coach or the international admission office

7. March

SAT scores should be received. Application to ________________________ be accepted.

I-20 and other admission documents should be mailed to you.


8. April           

Schedule Embassy Appointment

Pay Sevis Fee: 24,000KSH

Pay Embassy Appointment Fee: 16800 KSH



Other items you may need!


TOEFL registration fee: 22,000 KSH. This is required by some Colleges

Passport: 10,000KSH (All paperwork and fees), make sure its valid 6 months after your graduation

Affidavit of support: The affidavit and bank certification document must: 

  • Prove availability of sufficient funds( at least 500,000KSH bank statement)

  • Be completed and signed by the sponsor and bank official (bank seal required) 

  • The account should be active at least for the last six months

Air ticket: 100,000-150,000KSH. You will need to reserve your ticket as soon as you get your visa appointment date. Take a copy with you to your appointment. Please try to pay for your air ticket few days/weeks after your visas is approved.  You will get some good deals and save you money.


VISA Interview: 

Gather documents for visa interview

  • A passport valid for at least six months into the future.

  • Transcripts and test scores

  • I-20 (Be sure to sign the bottom of the form).

  • __________________University/College admission letter.

  • SEVIS fee receipt.

  • Visa application fee receipt.

  • Confirmation page from your DS-160 visa application.

  • Two 2”x 2” photographs in the prescribed format on the website.

  • Original bank statements, Affidavit of Support (It is very important that in ADDITION to the Affidavit of Support that you be able to produce documents proving source of income. These documents are more important than the actual Affidavit of Support) showing sufficient funds to cover your expenses as listed on I-20.

  • Documents that prove you will return to your home country after finishing your studies in the U.S. These may include proof of property (title Deed), family, or other ties to your community.

  • SAT results

  • Competition Certificates

  • Air ticket print out or reservation

  • Recommendation letters (coaches, principal etc.)


Prepare for visa interview

  • Interview generally lasts only 2-3 minutes.

  • Under U.S. law, all nonimmigrant visa applicants are viewed as intending immigrants unless they convince the Consular Officer otherwise. You must show your reasons for returning to your home country following your studies.

  • Be prepared to use English and speak for yourself.

  • Be ready to answer questions about _______________ University/College and your specific degree program. You must know ____________ University/College and be able to briefly explain why you chose to attend!

  • Answer all of the Officer’s questions concisely and honestly.

  • Be able to explain how studying in the U.S. relates to your future career plans.

  • Know that lengthy supplemental documents cannot be quickly read or evaluated.

  • Remember that the purpose of a student visa is to study and return home, not to work in the U.S.

  • Be prepared to address how your dependents, if any, will support themselves in your absence.

    • Keep a positive attitude. If denied, understand the reason why and what to do the next time.




    1. Create a Student-Athlete Profile ( provide with contact information)

    2. Complete the Athlete Assessment Form( it will be e-mailed to you)

    3. Provide with copies of all your academics (grades, SAT scores etc.)

    4. Provide with your future goals (academics and athletics goals)

    5. Provide with your interests in the field of study

    6. You will be linked with RISA certified coach and provided with a copy of a daily training log to be completed

    7. Also, answer the following information when submitting the above information:
      • when did you graduate from High school?

      • What have you been doing since you graduated from High School?

      • Have you been competing since you graduated? 

      • How old are you?

      • What are you currently doing?

      • Have you cleared with the clearinghouse? NCAA, NAIA  and etc?

      • What was your the highest level you competed at in High School?


    • Provide the above information and any other information by e-mailing RISA at


RISA is OPEN  to any and all entrants

(limited only by number, age, grade level, and gender).


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