Mentor and Host Family


RISA link International student-athletes with other international student-athletes who have graduated or benefited from such programs through athletics scholarship in the past. RISA supports coaches in matters pertaining to challenges having international student-athletes in their programs. RISA acts as a mediator when difficulties arise between international student-athletes due to cultural shocks and expectations. Everyone needs a mentor and a role model. We would love to have you join our RISA mentor team in regards to mentoring our international student-athletes. Please e-mail us if you are interested in mentoring an international student-athletes. We also offer an annual conference for our RISA athletes to check on them and offer support. Some of our international student-athletes would serve as counselors during our various running camps(train with Kenyans running camps)


Host Family

Educating college coaches about the need for helping international athletes deal with culture shock and other adjustments that international student-athletes face in colleges is very important. RISA also encourages international student-athletes to find a host family or a church. Most international student-athletes cannot afford to travel home during school breaks and would highly benefit from folks who would open their homes to stay with them during schools breaks. You can be a great impact on an international student-athletes, let us know if you would like to host one or by someone in your group. 




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